Meet the high points of executive aviation

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Meet the high points of executive aviation

Executive aircraft are part of the routine of great executives. Almost every company on the list of the world's 100 largest produced annually by FORBES uses its own or chartered planes and helicopters. And they benefit from this - there is an obvious correlation between revenues and profits and the operation of a private, private air transport.

On board true technology masterpieces, entrepreneurs and executives - as well as technical teams, customers, suppliers and service providers - travel with more agility, comfort and privacy to places where regular commercial aviation does not always arrive, being able to rest or even work during the flight. As if they were in a hotel, this impacts on productivity and even on the relationship with the family.

In a country like Brazil, of continental dimensions and far from the great world centers, the air transportation proves to be a strategic tool for companies with national and, mainly, international action. Not surprisingly, the country's fleet of light aircraft exceeds 15,000 units, connecting more than 5,500 municipalities through almost 2,500 aerodromes, according to the Brazilian Association of General Aviation (Abag).

A large fraction of this fleet consists of fast and luxurious aircraft. They are business jets, with prices ranging from $ 1.3 million to over $ 65 million, and represent more than 700 aircraft. They fly in Brazil the most sophisticated models in operation in the world. With spacious and elegant interiors, they are machines that cross oceans in missions of business, tourism and leisure.

We have listed, in the following photo gallery, some models that have as passengers (or owners) those responsible for much of the national GDP.

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