Personal and professional relationships are based in respect of ethics and anti-corruption standards. All employees, administrators and collaborators respect these premises and seek to combat harmful acts against the public administration and related. Aware of this integrity, any contrary movement that the company is aware of will be brought to the attention of the respective authority for all appropriate measures. The preservation of the legal entity and the values of human character are priorities. Company Directors will always be committed to maintaining this guideline.

The Anti-Corruption Policy and Professional Ethics are guided not only by the personal and professional characteristics of the Company's Administrators, but also based on the following Legislation:

  • Lei 12.846/2013 – Anti-Corruption Law
  • Decreto 8.420/2015 – Regulation of Lei 12.846/2013;
  • Lei 13.709/2018 – Personal Data Protection Law
  • Portaria CGU 909/2015 – Evaluation of corporate integrity programs
  • Lei 12.813/2013 – Conflict Interest and Inside Information Law;
  • Lei 8.429/1992 – Administrative Misconduct Law;
  • Decreto-Lei 2.848/1940 – Brazilian Penal Code;
  • Lei 8.666/1993 – Administrative Procurement and Contracts Law;
  • Lei 8.137/1990 – Crimes against the tax economic and consumer relations;
  • Lei 12.529/2011 – Brazilian System for the Defense of Competition;